My name is Naomi, I work with people who are struggling
with the pain of grief & loss and are feeling a lack of purpose
and meaning in their lives.

I help them find the healing, comfort, strength & support they need
to take their next step. In whichever direction calls to them.

Comfort. So underrated.
Comfort is presence, sweetness, kindness, quietness.
Holding a hand, drinking tea, flowers in a vase.
Peaceful space.
Breath, quietness, peace, stillness, freedom, spaciousness, presence.
Sharing a moment.
This is meaning!
What is my purpose? Being here with you.
I will go and pick flowers while you sit here in this space.

Cultivate small flowers.
Breathe in and out. Here is the gentleness, the sweetness, all that
has been missing.
And also the vastness, the spaciousness, the expansion.
My heart is here. My heart is only here.
Come Home.
Healing begins here.

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