Peaceful Heart Vital Body

Energy and Vitality in the midst of Life's Changes


The benefits of regular massage are way too many to list here! Suffice to say it is massively underrated in our culture! And quite apart from loosening up tight muscles and tendons, massage will strengthen the immune system, increase blood and lymph circulation, allowing it to freely flow around the body, clear blockages which create stress and negative thinking and balance the whole endocrine system. All this aside from its ability to relax, nurture and support you in your journey, whatever that may be. 

Based in Chinese medicine, my massage includes a chat, counselling and TCM diagnosis so I can tailor the session to your needs, both physical and mental/emotional. I work with the meridians or energy channels in the body, harmonising the organ, hormonal and glandular systems and helping to detoxify the blood and lympthatic systems by removing any blocks and encouraging them to flow. One massage and your immune system will be stronger, you will feel nurtured, relaxed and reinvigorated. Imagine what regular massage can do?