There was a time I wanted to be a psychologist. As I grew older, I became more fascinated with the patterns of my energy and how its dips and troughs influenced the way I felt. It seemed to me that by shifting my energy, I could, within an instant, change my whole attitude to my life! I studied traditional Chinese medicine with the eminent Professor Lun Wong for many years in my twenties and thirties. TCM seemed to be an efficient way to clear the “layers of the onion” in order to reach what was at the heart of things. Its language and process made sense to me, and I loved the poetry of the Taoist philosophy and connection with the natural world.

I then went on to study holistic and other forms of counselling and massage. When my mother died, not long after my dad, many changes happened at once, including selling the family home and losing a beloved aunt and close friendship. My sense of who I was and my place in the world was turned on its head. My basic trust in the flow and rhythm of my life was suddenly in question. I was on a quest to find some answers. I found grief counselling, which did not address the physical body and energy system, and within the “alternative” fields, only promises to “reach my full potential”, etc.

In the end, I returned to counselling and working with energy and the physical body, because it seemed to me that you could never address one without the other. Bodywork is never just about the body. It must address all aspects of the human being. Counselling can never be just the mind. It must address the energetic and physical body. Many years of training in Martial Arts, Kundalini Yoga and meditation have taught me the value of the mind/body/emotional connection, not to mention Chinese medicine. When you treat one, you always treat the other. And with all our knowledge and understanding of this, we still have a long way to go in our limited Western culture coming to grips with that.

And that is where my work differs. I wish you all comfort and love and reassurance on your journey. You are already on your path. Be here and rest in presence.

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